A Real Revival, Classic Horror Elements Rolled up into a Contemporary Vision February 10, 2020

What does electricity, questions about life and death, the story of Lazarus and the element of faith have in common? They are all ingredients in a mix of a fantastic tale of religion, belief systems and the paranormal. It is a recent novel by Stephen King, entitled “Revival.”

revival - a novel by stephen king - reviewed by gigi

Revival – a novel by Stephen Sing – reviewed by Gigi

The main focus of this novel is on the relationship between the main character, Jamie Morton, a young sincere and impressionable semi-religious kid, growing up in 1960’s New England and the spirited preacher, the Reverend Charles Jacob who is torn between his love of science, (specifically electricity), and his belief in God. The story takes us through the journeys of their lives , heroin addiction, loss of loved ones, general tragedies, inventions, creations and obsessions. We explore the main characters metamorphism and their search for “revival” when survival is not enough. Theirs is a revival of hopes and dreams but sometimes it leads to permutations of their obsessions.

Jamie and Reverend Charles meet when Jamie is young. Their relationship is not continuous, rather fragmented by hasty life interruptions and then synchronous reunions. They form a pact that is never undone, rarely spoken and not always understood. The story takes you to the revival tents of an electrifying healer and Carney circuit charlatan while simultaneously allowing you to explore the seedy bars and motels of the mid west with a drug addicted rocker. Theirs is a revival of spirit where each characters personae finds a new venue to mitigate life’s pain and explore the wonder of healing through electricity.

The story is electrifying sparking questions about what lies beyond death’s door and who or what has the right to make decisions of when someone should be “healed” or “saved ” or when someone should be allowed to transition or pass . “Revival” brings about so many burning questions related to faith and the after life , all wrapped up in a blanket of mystery through the use of magically charged inventions. The message becomes clear as you reach the climax, no matter where your beliefs or curiosity lies there are some things better left to a greater or higher power.

  • Abby Lamb says:

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  • Harlan Dustin says:

    I have to disagree with you. Your review is too positive. Although I have much enjoyed the last few novels by Stephen King, and was engaged for the first 150 pages or so, I thought thereafter the book slowed down to a crawl in pacing. To top it off, sadly, I believe that the book was not really all that scary.
    I look forward to future books by Stephen King but this one just didn’t do it for me…

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